My Boxxx Parties

Hi my Seductive People! So, you heard about Seductive Solutions Boxxx Parties. Not only is it entertaining, it gets wild! You and your guest will learn new ways to turn up the heat inside and outside of your bedroom. It will be some licking and some sucking but it’s all in the name of learning. Seductive Solutions Boxxx Parties is for any sex, we bring pleasure to anyone seeking it. This is not your average sex toy demonstration party. We think outside of the Boxxx! Our goal is to make sure you and your guest have the time of your lives. How often do we get a chance to get together and talk about sex and play games while sipping some cocktails? Unless your Paris Hilton, barely! We bring all that and some to your special night. Never trashy always classy! Email us an let us know what type of party you want to have on your special night.

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